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Mark Hutton

Hi Guys and Gals!

Does anybody know where I can get information (preferably a copy of the
Protocol itself) about JBUS?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Hutton
Software Engineer
Vogal Software Services
Regent House, Welbeck Way, Peterborough. UK PE2 7WH

Rob Hulsebos

J-Bus is a French clone (Renault ?) of Modbus, sold by (mostly)
French companies. There is only one small difference: registers are
counted from 0 (instead of 1) up to hex FFFF instead of (dec) 9999.
Some Modbus masters subtract the 1 automatically before sending a
message and some slaves add 1 to get at the requested register. So
you could end up with accessing a register off by one, but that's
the only thing you should look out for (and is simple to solve).
In practice I haven't encountered any other problems with connecting
J-Bus equipment to ordinary Modbus stuff.

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