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Automation Listers :

Just to let you know that I have had significant response to my new (still brewing) eNewsletter. Thanks for your comments, ideas and suggestions!

The May 17 '00 eNewsletter is on the web at :

Contents :

Fairey (RedLion, Ircon, NDS) Acquires Spectris (B&K, HBM, etc.)
Pinto Analysis - not available anywhere else.

Question from Automation List : Impact of recent Danaher acquisitions.
What is Danaher really doing?

Disintermediation I & II and InTech May-00 back-page article - on the ISA website at :
and feedback.

Ken Crater's Poll on "Open" Systems

Take a look, and give me your comments, feedback and suggestions.
Several points would make good discussion threads.

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Anthony Kerstens


An interesting thought came to me that you may consider worth chewing on. When talking about extrapolating moores law and growth towards human-like capability, chaotic development would seem to be a key ingredient. However, it seems logical that this key ingredient would disallow duplication, similar to the way that no two people are the same (even twins for those with tape backup).

That might very well mean that being able to produce one successful human skills-capable machine does not confirm being able to produce a second successful machine. Not unless there's a way to precisely (without errors) copy a presumably excessively massive database. And for
how long could such a database survive without degredation or catastrophe within it's home environment.

Such systems could well be as fragile as humans, and spawn a whole legion of digital doctors. There must be a movie or tv show in there somewhere... nagh, Star Trek's already been there, damn Starfleet engineers.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.