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Automation List : The latest JimPinto.com eNews No. 38 - March 28, 2001 is on the web at : http://www.jimpinto.com/enews/mar28-2001.html In this issue, we have updates and Pinto-prognostications on industrial automation majors - Honeywell and Invensys. The industrial journals and controls magazines don't (or won't) tell you these things. Remember, you read it here first.... Contents: * Will GE dump Honeywell? * Will Invensys dump Yurko? * Cluetrain Comments * Tech Review : Untangling Code - AspectJava * Napster Update * eFeedback - Human Cloning, Cluetrain Comments and feedback appreciated. Cheers: jim ----------/ Jim Pinto email : [email protected] web: www.JimPinto.com San Diego, CA., USA ----------/