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JimPinto.com eNews No. 63 - October 5, 2001 is on the web:

* Anti-terrorist technology - 3
* Companies in trouble:
- Rockwell amputations
- Invensys: What's for sale
* Real-Life TechnoHuman challenges Reality
* Fashion: Wearable Communications
* eFeedback:
- Binch poem -- read it to your kids!
- Biometrics effectiveness
- Wisdom from The Barn

In today's troubled business environment, there
is a lotttt that good engineers can do.

Recognizing all the layoffs across a wide range of industries and business, Debbie Morrison [[email protected]] from guru Dick Morley's barn, came up with this motivating thought :

"Everybody is worried about the turbulence in the stock markets. My daddy said something to me that made sense : "The entire payroll of the United States is $8 trillion dollars. It doesn't matter whether it's 7.5 trillion or 8.5 trillion, it's a lot of money. That money is spent every year. If you can't get any of it, you're standing in the wrong place."

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