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Jim Pinto

Hello, Automation Listers : The latest JimPinto.com eNews 21 Feb '01 is on the web at: http://www.jimpinto.com/enews/feb21-2001.html Business, marketing & futures commentary. New attitudes, no platitudes. We start with some industrial automation stuff in this issue. News and views on ABB, Siemens and others which you will NOT find elsewhere. Contents: * ABB Blahs * Siemens' Stew Simmers * The Synergetic Embedded Fieldbus chip * MIT Tech Review: Flexible Electronics * Futurescope 2001: Evolution of the TechnoHuman * eFeedback - Slow light, growth in automation, distributed computing Your comments and feedback will be appreciated. Cheers: jim ---------------/ Jim Pinto email: [email protected] Web: www.JimPinto.com San Diego, CA. USA ---------------/

Anthony Kerstens

All, I checked out the link for www.distributed.net. On that site there is a project for an optimal Golomb Ruler. Could there any practical application for Golomb Rulers in automation. They appear to have found uses in astronomy and x-ray crystallography. Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.