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* Invensys in trouble
* More about GE abandoning Honeywell
* David Bell - Patterns of decline
* Dick Morley Advice : Get out of components, or die !
* Newsweek : Technology & Health
* eFeedback :
- Did GE really dump Honeywell?
- Invensys Carm'n'gone. Shuffle goes on
- Freedom of the Internet

There has been a storm of protest regarding my predictions about GE abandoning Honeywell. And yet, thank you for your supportive comments and feedback.

Rockwell, Honeywell and now the background regarding Invensys. Is there a pattern here? Is it just industrial automation? David Bell suggests that this is happening in all sectors
of the "old economy".

And Dick Morley, PLC inventor and technology visionary gives us his advice.

Your comments and feedback are appreciated!

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What are loosing site of in the GE/Honeywell aquistion is that it has nothing to do with controls or automation. It has everything to do with the appeared dominace of the US in the areas of technology. Bush's recent visit to the EU was not to just talk about military strategic defense but to talk about economic defense as well. The prosperity of the US has been on the backs of $300 billion dollar companies that employee 500K people and have double digit growth for 20 years. This will go down in history as a parting of the ways with the EU or a recognition that our economies are so linked that we can not afford to be isolationist.
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