Junction box at boiler burner area


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I am planning to put a local junction box at our boiler burner area especially for our flame scanner cables, since currently all the cables directly go to our mashalling panel. By having this junction box we could break the loop for easy maintenance if the cable breaks or damaged.

What is the standards and specs should I follow?
My dear Friend,

Following things to be considered as minimum.

1) Hazardous area classification of the area where you need to put JB. Please, go for Ex-proof JBs if area is classified as Zone 0.

2) IP enclosure protection as IP 65 as this area may by dusty and can have water ingress too.

3) material of JB as Die cast aluminium or SS if classified are is non-corrosive.

4) Please, use separate JBs if voltage levels of signals are different. like 24 v DC signals and 240 V AC signal.

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