K Value in Flow Measurement DP type


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I have a Flow Transmitter. I Want to Extract Constant 'k' Value.
What are the Parameters for Orifice, Venturi, Differential Pressure Type Flow Transmitters?

In My DCS Calculation Block value i have Seen is K multiplied by Sqrt(DP). I am Not Getting Answer For this.

Please Can anyone Can Tell me the Procedure?
The parameters that an analog/HART DP flow transmitter needs to know are:

- the engineering units for DP: inches of H2O or mm of H2O

- the DP value created at the maximum flow rate for the design conditions specified for the primary flow element the DP transmitter is to be used with. This is one of the values on from the sizing calculation for the primary flow element

- whether the DP transmitter should extract the square root, or not (in which case the receiver (DCS) extracts square root

- generally the DP transmitter has a low-flow cutoff and might have a choice of means of performing low flow cut-off.

The flow rate values in the receiver (DCS/PLC/flow computer) are typically configured in an input function block where 0 DP = 0 flow; max flow rate = max DP value

I've used a K factor for flow meters with a pulse output, like a turbine meter, a positive displacement or a magnetic flow meter with a pulse output. I don't know how it applies to a DP flow meter

Be sure your DCS does not extract the square root if it has already been done by the field transmitter.