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Mark V Ray

Hi Listers

I have suggested (to my boss) to use a KA5 adapter to put two SLC 503s on a DH+ network.
Can anyone share their experience with this adapter. I want to know the number of DH485 nodes that can be on it. What is the most distance for the DH485 cables? What type of wiring is needed for the DH485?
Mark Ray

Martin Medak

I have used this card to communicate with 6 slc 504's, 5 PanelView 1000's and 2 Micrologix 1500's on a DH485 network. The card works well. Documentation for the KA5 was not as clear as it could be but once the dip-switches are set the card is transparent to the PLC's

Martin Medak
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Gerald Beaudoin

I have been using a KA5 as a bridge between a DH485 and a DH+ network. I originally started out with the DH485 network and then had some machines
come in with a 5/04. In order to talk to all of them I had to set up 2 networks and bridge them with the KA5. Works just fine with only one
problem. RSVIEW when connected to the DH485 network cannot retrieve information from the DH+ network..(I would suspect because of the
difference in addressing between the 2 networks). In order to access all the PLC's on the system, RSVIEW has to get onto the network from the DH
+ side. A small problem that can be worked around. E-mail me offline for details. Otherwise....a good product.
Cable runs and all that good stuff you find in the reference manuals.
They seem to be pretty complete.

Gerald Beaudoin
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Sam Robinson

I used a KA5P adaptor to link a DH-485 network and a DH+ network together. The only problem that I had was when I first set it up the dip switches on the KA5 box had to be set all backwards to what the manaul said. This had
AB tech support really confused at first but they traced the problem to a change in the type of dip switches that was used.

Sam Robinson
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I've had similar problems getting Linx to see anything past the local processor (or bridge) on the DH+ side of the network when using RSLogix500 on the 485 side. Rockwell told me to buy a PCMK and talk to everything on the DH+ side, that it wouldn't work from the 485 side.

The controllers (a 1200 Micro, a 1500 micro, and several 1000 micros) will successfully pass messages back-and-forth across the bridge... just no programming capability.

Also note that AB docs say that earlier Micro's cannot initiate a message on the 485 network. You must use a controller like the 1200 or 1500 (or a SLC) to initiate a message and read the micro's contents. The Rockwell techs have told me this is not true.. just set bit S:0/10 on the micro and it will initiate all day long. Haven't tried it yet.