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Mohsen Taghavi

Ask for an instrument to reject the birds.
Many birds come to our stock and damage our products. I would like to know your prevention guide line by using an instrument(e.g. ultrasonic system)
M. Taghavi-Iran-Tehran

Steve Myres, PE

You could try placing a realistic model of a hawk or other bird of prey where the birds can see it. Many do that in our area with some success.
The most common solution I have seen is the use of dogs. These dogs are species that have been trained and breed for hunting/bird hunting.

Michael R. Batchelor

What kind of birds? What kind of products? Agricultural or food stuff. Are the birds coming to eat, or do they just roost in the storage facility and the dropping damage some manufactured goods?

You also can look for advice on a wildlife list.

Heavner, Lou \[FRS/AUS\]

My son has a robo dog with a "guard" state that when selected makes the dog bark when its motion detector senses somebody approaching. Creates quite a racket and it jumps around, too. I wonder how it would hold up if exposed to the weather. In my garden, I use inflatable snakes to keep birds from eating my tomatoes. Like any model predator, you need to move them around
or the birds will learn to ignore them. It is pretty funny to watch a bird come in for a landing and suddenly see the snake.


Lou Heavner

Anthony Kerstens

At a place I used to work, they would bring in a local falcon keeper.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Pierre Desrochers

Maybee this could help.

At a swimming location close to where I live (a lake), they suspend at...
maybee 20 feet in the air some fishing line. The transparent kind ....
maybee 2 pounds test, you can hardly see them from the ground but it keeps seagulls and birds away. They tell me that the birds see them from above due to the suns reflection. It works, no bird land on the beach and no whyte stuff either :)

The wires/lines are about 20 feet apart and criss-cross at about 20 feet intervals.

Hope this helps.

P. Desrochers

Ralph Mackiewicz

I've seen this at fish farms too. The people there told me it worked flawlessly. However, they had the lines much closer together like 2 or 3 feet.

I have also seen motion detectors linked with a water hose. When motion is detected, a shot of water is sent into the direction of the motion. Keeps birds off lawns, etc.

These guys:


Sell all kinds of bird repelling products

Ralph Mackiewicz