KEP MMI-210 to Eaton MPONI using MODBUS


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I am trying to get communications established between a KEP-210 Access panel and an Eaton MPONI communications module that is attached to an Eaton MP3000 monitor unit. The MPONI uses MODBUS/RS485 communications and has access to the register values that can be retrieved using MODBUS. Has anyone out there gone through this exercise and what hoops had to be jumpeed through?
The MMI-210 only talks RS232. You will need an rs232 to rs485 converter. Make sure the wiring is correct. To actually get the MMI-210 to talk to anything you need to jumper pins 5 & 9 on the MMI-210 RS232 SMIC port. The display will pulse everytime it tries a communication attempt until it connects.
Mark, did you ever get this going? Was it just a matter of reading the registers listed in Appendix A of the MPONI manual or did you have to issue commands to get the values?