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I'm trying to make an OPC connection to a Kepware OPC server using the simple OPC example provided by Kepware, or by my own code. Either way, and I call the CONNECT method, it just returns an error 430. I've gone through all of the DCOM configuration that I can find, but no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction? This is on a Windows XP SP2 box, trying to connect to the local OPC server.

Fred Loveless

This is not a DCOM error it is a runtime error. Can you tell me what version of VS you are using. I suspect that the issue is related to the VS version and the supported version of the OPC Foundation OPC DA 2.0 Automation wrapper. Currently the OPC Foundation has not compiled the Automation Wrapper for use in VS2008 and probably will not.

Fred Loveless
Senior Application Engineer
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