Kernel vs Userland drivers (was: Logic (Latched Outputs))


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Jiri Baum

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> What I would like to contribute to this project is a driver I wrote for
> the Computer Boards CIO-QUAD 4 board (4 encoder inputs). I bought the
> board before that had support for it in their Universal Library.

Hello and welcome to the fray!

> I haven't downloaded the code base to look how it might be implemtented.
> I am assuming we are accessing boards using iopl(2) instead of compiling
> the drivers into a kernel?

That's up to the implementor of each I/O module.

The one I/O module that's in the CVS so far is a kernel driver.

> What would the API look like for this board?

Right now, the implementation of the API isn't quite ready for integers, but, basically,

while(1) {
for (i=0;i<4;i++) {
read input i

It'll even compile, but right now the various functions aren't up to working with a byte-sized handle.

It's one of the things that's on my "to do right now" list...

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