Keyence camera cv x machine vision/sensors and AI

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I am interested to discuss and share some knowledges/tips /advices , for a Keyence camera solution for an industrial process/batch...

Thanks for your attention& reply...

I've had some dealing with vision systems..some years ago...if I can help. Saying that there are vision experts out there who know a lot more than me. I believe Cognex is the usual choice as it has C/C++
The library that they use is usually OpenCV which is basically an open-source library written by some brainiacs.

I have developed a couple of systems using vision control, basic applications, pick and place ..inspect pass fail
The memorable issue was lighting.
Thanks for these inputs...

I will have a look on Cognex solution..
The customer's choice will be Keyence solution...they got very good materials and network well simple to configure ..
Their equipments got overall compatibility with Rockwell automation/Siemens S7 PLC as third party...

Here is an exemple of the solution ( including sensor )

Yes, I've used Keyance all depends on the application, I just run some digital IO, if memory serves me correct you set up a program number in binary, trigger it, and then get a result back pass/fail.
The front end was dead easy they have various algorithms that you can set up. That's a very basic can also become very complex( I suggest you look at OpenCV).
I've had a play with OpenCV it ports into the visual studio you have things called "blobs" and various other peculiar names....the reason I mention OpenCV is that the various vendors copy a lot of the algorithms from the open-source and then obviously charge the customer for all their hard work.
Keyance worked sort of fine, just some lighting issues and a bit I said it was a user-friendly bit of kit.

Just had a quick scan of the video...yea looks about right .... seems like a lot of code?