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Tim Davis

This is on a mitsubishi FXo-30mr plc. Is there any way to get around the keyword protection the original programer used in this application? There is a bad output section on this plc and the spare outputs could be used if this thing would let me in.

I'm useing gx developer software for the FX series of processors and when i try a transfer from the plc to the computer i get a message wanting the keyword. I tryed to download the plc parameters but it still asked for the keyword.

Is there a procedure to get in the back door? The original programer has literaly taken the keywords to his grave.

Thanks for any help from anyone.
Tim Davis

since i posted this question, i have gained more knowlege and i will share it with you.

mitsubishi conciders it a "feature" that there is no way to get around the password protection of a program.

I have solved the problem this time by obtaining a new FXo-30mr from a suplier who had old stock ( the FXo is obsoleet and replaced by FX2n ).

the problem was carbon tracking arount an output relay. I took the top off the old FXo and put it on the new one. ( a procedure not exactly recomended by mitsu. ).

it worked! the program was held in the top cover circuit board passwords and all!

the machine is now operational, however as soon as the remaining stock of FXo plc's are gone, this trick will not work.

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thank you
Tim Davis