Kickstarter Campaign To Add MQTT Support To Ignition


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Marrying I.o.T and SCADA

I've been writing code for many years and am now farming in Western Southland.

Have been caught by the I.o.T buzz and the promise of low cost telemetry; cpus; and open protocols like MQTT.

The Ignition Gateway represents the best of breed SCADA platform but has a surprising omission - no support for MQTT!

Having already integrated MQTT into the QGIS Open GIS platform, I figured let's do the same for the Ignition Gateway.

This project will create a .modl Ignition Module file to support any Paho compatible MQTT brokers.

Please see:

Pledgers will get a copy of all code under the MIT license plus any updates and assistance to configure and use the driver within Ignition. They will receive our support and priority attention to any issues and/or feature improvements they wish to see.

Thank you
I've backed Andrew's development as I need to connect a Cellular IoT gateway to Ignition SCADA running in the cloud on MS Azure.

I had tried using an OPC-UA client but the work needed to get this to required level of functionally and stability was too much. MQTT is perfect for lite touch integration for IoT devices to Ignition.

What's more the OPC-UA standard is to support publish and Subscribe messaging but will use AMPQ as it's transport protocol. So even the standard makers realize that pub/sub is a good solution for certain devices and types of integration.