Kiln/Furnace control?


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Thinh Phan

Hi gentlment,
can somebody tell me where to find theory in burning tech for kiln/furnace ?
Expecting for your hand, thanks!
If I didn't misunderstand what you were asking,I think this kind of control theory can be found in every "Process Control" book.Basically,we call the burning control or combustion control as "double cross limitted control",that means we control the ratio of combustion gas and air
in two ways:limit the ratio of each media (combustion gas and air) according the other's actual quantity detected.Normally,if the combustion gas is COG, the ralative ratio may be 90%-110%.For detail imformation,please refer to some books.It's easy.
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I think the best place to start would be to get an understanding of the codes and standards requirements for the design and operation of the equipment that you intend to control. You may obtain these documents at most technical book
stores. They are as follows:
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
"Standard for Ovens and Furnaces", NFPA 86.
"Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazard Code",
NFPA 85.
ALSO, you may contact an industry specialist company that deals in Burner Management Systems.
There is one that I know about and they have a web site you may try. The company is Forney Engineering Company in Dallas Texas.
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Malcolm Burke

I supply electromechanical controls for a company that builds large gasification furnaces designed for Kilns or building heat. They may have some
basic information for you.
Chiptec Wood Energy
48 Helen Ave
Burlington, VT, 05403

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