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Hello ,

I have requirement to convert one DOS based machine controller to show messages in Korean script instead of english. Does anyone on the list know if Korean language script support is available on DOS with 640X480 resolution?
The software is in TurboC .
Ashok Saraf
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Sorry for late reply. There have been many RAM-resident utilities which intercept character-IO-related BIOS calls and draw Korean characters using graphics mode. To an application program there is no difference if it uses standard BIOS calls (or C-library functions ) to manipulate the screen. Some of the utilities even scanned the text-mode buffer periodically for any changes to support programs which bypass BIOS for screen display. There were hardware solutions, but I don't think that you'll be able to get one of those obsolete boards nowadays.

Most versions of Korean MS-DOS had this feature, too, and the virtual DOS boxes of Windows95/98/NT also have it. One problem is that if a program
uses graphical characters (code # > 127) to draw lines, boxes, etc., they will be displayed as broken Korean characters.

Hope this helps, and please e-mail me if you have further questions.

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What you need are

- RAM resident Korean Language display program
- Library to access the program
- Editor to type Korean in the source program

You could get it free or pay little with little difficult.
But the program is highly dependent on the graphic card that you're using.
Be more specific on them then I may help you.

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