Koyo DL 205 + wonderware InTouch 9.5


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Anyone who have setup InTouch to communicate with a Koyo DL 205 over modbus RTU? I have tried so hard now, but can not get it work I use the DASMBSerial server. I also need to communicate with a TSX Premium PLC over modbus RTU. I think it must be something wrong with my tag addressing, but I'm not sure.
No he doesn't. The 15-pin port on the 205 can be configured as a Modbus RTU slave. If Wonderware will talk to any Modbos RTU slave, it will talk to every Modbus slave. It doesn't know or care that the slave is actually a Koyo 205. He's probably right and his addressing is off. You have to do a translation between Modbus decimal addresses and Koyo octal addresses plus there's an offset for some data types.

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