Krohne BM70 Sensor MODBUS


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Mana Golnazi

We have 8 sensors on one bus and all those send their information by MODBUS but with Modbus poll software we just receive Read Error.

We define our Slave ID, the address of devices. And we are sure the addresses are corect. But we don't have any response.
Hi Mana,
Are you sure that BM70 is communicating with Modbus?

My company is a Scada software editor and we have developed a protocol specially to communicate with BM 100, BM70 version 3 and 4. It's working well and it's installed on different sites.

May be you can use it. Please contact us here:

For Europe: [email protected]
For Asia: [email protected]

Hope to talk to you soon.

Nicolas Kunzer