KROHNE Metering System Modbus

want to connect Krohne System with OPC Server through Modbus, how to activate Modbus in Krohne? System for your info it has serial port RS485 and TCP/IP for Modbus protocol. Many Thanks
Krohne is an established, first tier, instrumentation manufacturer.

Whichever 'system' you are dealing with, Krohne's documentation undoubtedly covers its Modbus Server/Slave functionality.

What does the documentation say?
Thanks David for your reply
the system has DCS with let's say switch ATS through this switch you can hook up many other product for getting data from Krohne some ports of ATS are open the rest are close, is there any idea to open them?

Many thanks
A google search shows me that SynEnergy is an entire software suite of products for Oil & Gas, obviously licensed software. I have no knowledge of it, but when you mention DCS, it likely the DCS that uses Modbus to talk to whatever instrumentation is in the field, rather than SynEnergy dealing with the low level data collecion. Or maybe SynEnergy has an OPC Server to deal with field data collection. I don't know, I'm guessing.

With software of this type, you might luck out and find someone who on this forum who has dealt with it, but then again, internet fora are hit-or miss. I suspect you'll need to take advantage of whatever software support agreement is available. Someone else is going to have to help you.