Kuhnke KUAX 667 questions


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Brendan Begley

I have come across some machines which the owner wishes to bring back to life. They are controller by Kuhnke plcs (KUAX 667). I do not have the means
at present to program or monitor these. I did a web search and found a homepage for Kuhnke. I emailed for information but have not received any
replies (1 month). Can anyone on the list tell me what I need in terms of hardware and software
to get into these plcs. As I live in the South of Ireland, I would need to know where I can source
this stuff as locally as possible.

Brendan Begley

Reiner Wellner

I am sales and applikation engineer at Kuhnke
I know the 667 very well.
what is the problem ?
will you write a new program ?
please send me an e-mail with your wishes.
e-mail: [email protected]

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