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Claudio Pires

Dear Members,

I've been working in the field of industrial automation...with PLCs (Rockwell, Siemens), HMIs(Intellution, PCSoft, Rockwell) and some Enterprise Development...and now I'm intending to introduce its knowledge to start some instrumentation laboratory automation developments.

So, I'm asking for your help in order to get some ideas or helpul hints from where to begin...easy works with considerable benefits...steps for implementing a calibration lab automation.

Any help will do...thanks for your attention,

Claudio Pires.
From: "John Catch" <[email protected]>
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Subject: Re: INFO: Lab Automation

Dear Claudio,

Depending on your exact needs there are a number of "Lab" automation software packages available. Our favorite is National Instruments (NI)
LabVIEW. NI also has significant capabilities in the required hardware. Our company ( has used LabVIEW for years and find it very stable and dependable, with advanced features.

John Catch
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