Labview 2012 Modbus I/O server problem


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Josef Kitzbichler

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I have a problem with the Modbus IO Server via Ethernet within Labview 2012 and with the powermeter of Janitza. I just can read out zero values from the powermeter although the right address has been confirmed by Janitza. I believe that the IO Server has a data conversion problem which leads to a data type overflow which results in a zero value which is logged and can be seen via the DSM tool.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour or do I have a Labview/Modbus IO server configuration problem?

Thank you in advance.

Bob Peterson

Would it not make a lot more sense to be asking this question of the LabView tech support people?

Having said that, a fair number of Modbus devices use odd ball numerical encoding techniques. Did Janzita tell you how this number is encoded? If the driver does not support the way the number is encoded you may have to do that yourself somehow.