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G. Hossein Mazarei

I want to find a driver for labview ver 5.1 to communicate with Siemens S5 PLC. does anybody have this driver or can any body help me for finding this driver.
Thanks alot
G.H. Mazarei
Well G,
Prentice Hall published a book called, "labWindows/CVI Programming for Beginners" (ISBN:0-13-016512-3) that teaches how to build drivers and more. It will probably give you a bigger picture than someone opinion of the "best route", if you know what I mean.

Hope helps you again and again,
S. Smith 6/24/01

Johan Vereecken

You will have to get the Prodave 511 driver from your Siemens vendor with a serial communication cable. You then can get it pretty easy to work with LabView using the "call library function".



Preston Todd Johnson

I believe National Instruments has a driver in their PLC protocols driver
set. LabVIEW 5.1 can communicate with it using its OPC client function.
This is found in the example directory under COMM.

Good Luck

Preston Todd Johnson
Interspace Electronics
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