Ladder Logic


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Can someone help me to write ladder logic programming for my conveyor. I have 3 stations that lifts up and all the three stations have two gates to locate the station before lifting. I want it to be done simultaneously.
What brand of PLC are you going to use? Where and how many limit/induction switches will you be using? Will any safety swithces be used.
What actually does the lifting, a pnuematic/hydraulic valve? Will need alot more detailed description on the actual process that you are trying to do before any program can be written for your project.
Hey Anonymous!
I can do this for you quite easily. I've worked with PLC controls for 15 years and with conveyor systems for the last 2.5 . Let me know what type of plc you're using and give me an i/o listing and i'll sort it for u this weekend. (Will return the ladder to you in the plc format or as a pdf if i don't have the software for your particular plc type). A layout diagram might be useful too.