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I am trying to use the Cobox DR1 IAP to convert my serial rs 232 Modbus protocol to an ethernet protocol. I am running Triconex RTU's, has anyone used this combination before?
I have used the DR1 to talk to Siemens power meters using RS-485. Don't use the IAP protocol, unless the software that you are using is written for it. The first CoBox that I used was bad out of the box so I would recomend testing it using the loopback before going any further.

Brian Tracey, Designtek Corp

I have used the Modbus serial to Ethernet converter on several projects to take the 232 port on a Momentum processor (pre-ethernet) into Wonderware via TCP/IP. It might be easier to install the hardware (about $500) than to write custom code. I've had them in service for 3 years with no problems, the limitation is the baud rate.
I just have the experience to use Cobox DR1 to convert serial RS232 Modbus(from Foxboro DCS gateway) to an Ethernet protocol. The problem is Foxboro DCS need to be configured as Master. but the other side is a plant load control center which can only be a Master. So two Master can not talk. Someone suggested me to buy another gateway from Foxboro to change it to be configured as Slave. Also there is other idea to buy a Prolink module to convert RS232 to TCP. I haven't tried these two ways. Hope this helps you.