Laptop and the Barcode Scanner


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I have a barcode scanner (keyboard wedge version), working well on my desktop. However when I connected it to a notebook(ps/2 port), nothing happened.

I tried two ways:
1.plugging the scanner directly to the notebook
2.scanner--> an external keyboard --> notebook

It seemed that windows can't recognize the scanner. I'm trying to search some guidelines about ps/2 port communication and I guess it might be enough. Is it possible for me to write a program stimulating keyboard wedge on the notebook ?

Thanks for any comments....

Steve Myres, PE

The PS/2 connector on your laptop is for an external mouse. While the connectors on a keyboard and a mouse are the same, the pinout is different. I assume the barcode reader emulates a keyboard, and if so you will have to take the same steps as if you wanted to use an external keyboard with your laptop. You will need to get a "Y" adaptor. The single end (the bottom of the Y) plugs into the notebook, and the double end gives you a port for a mouse and one for a keyboard. Your barcode reader may work when plugged into this port.
I could really use some help on this topic as well. I have attached a keyboard wedge scanner into a USB to PS2 convertor. The Scanner will read and transfer information into the Microsoft programs, however, continues to scroll down without leaving the full information. Also, the scanner will only work with a keyboard attached to its U connector. Everything works well when the scanner is attached to my PC, but while in the laptop nothing works properly.
If someone has any idea what may be the problem, please write back.
Hi the problem is the laptop what make is it, some use the pins 2 and 6 to see what is plugged in (panasonic CF72's) this upsets the scanner, the scanner will powerup but will not pass data using a y splitter will not cure this, i have the same problem and as yet i have no cure, let me know if you find one,.....Oh most laptops work fine with a ps2 scanner, we are just unlucky.
I'm facing the same problem -- I'm waiting for a laptop keyboard/mouse Y-cable to arrive in the mail, following the advice you got earlier.

If that doesn't work, the next thing I'll try is a Keyboard Terminator made by Wasp -- With a bit of searching around, they run between $35 and $50. It looks like exactly what we're all looking for.

I want to wait until after I try out the scanner with a simple Y-cable -- to me, the operative words in the terminator description below is "...some Notebook computers..." and "...the computer may disable the external keyboard port." Since I don't know exactly what the problem is, I'm going to begin experimenting simply and cheaply.

"Notebook Keyboard Terminator--Wasp Notebook Keyboard Terminator can be used with notebook computers to terminate peripheral devices, such as bar code scanners, when they are plugged into the keyboard port. Some notebook computers automatically detect whether an external keyboard is attached upon startup. When a peripheral device like a scanner is connected to the keyboard port, the notebook computer may disable the external keyboard port because it does not recognize a keyboard on the external port. Wasp Notebook Keyboard Terminator emulates an external keyboard allowing a scanner or other peripheral device to operate.Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP and NT Part Number: 633808191009 "

I got it to work.

First I tried a simple Y-connector, which did nothing except confuse my Thinkpad T20.

Next I got a Wasp Keyboard Terminator -- described in my last post. It arrived today, and it works beautifully.

The scanner I'm using is a Symbol LS2106 which I picked up on eBay for something like $30, along with a PS2 synapse cable.
The synapse cable is a small boxlike affair which the barcode scanner plugs into. Two PS2 cables are on the other side of the "box" (for lack of a better word)-- one cable male, the other female. Hook the keyboard terminator into the female; hook the male cable into the laptop.

As an added gizmo, got the hands-free stand -- which activates the scanner to work whenever a barcode passes beneath it. All the scanning equipment fits into a small old Compaq notebook case which I'll strap onto my Thinkpad case. Only a couple of added pounds.

The one last thing I would have tried if the keyboard terminator hadn't worked was a Symbol USB synapse cable. They're selling for about $60 or so. I might try that yet. If I do and it works, I'll post something here.

Hope all this helps somebody out there -- I went through small amounts of hell trying to get my laptop to accept barcodes.

You can connect a Y and the barcode scanner as long as you also connect a standard keyboard to the other side of the barcode scanner Y. This works; it's clumsy, but it works.

Jim B.