Laptop PCMCIA card for accessing to MB+


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Nils Ley

For a client in middle east we've provided several Modbus Plus networks on Pumpstations. For their maintenance team they want to have some MB+ PCMCIA cards or any other suitable (like USB) adapter to access to Modicon Quantum PLCs.
The already available Schneider-Electric PCMCIA Type III card needs two PCMCIA slots, where most of the newer Laptops providing only one. Is anyone having an idea for a common solution or an alternative?

Many thanks in advance Nils
I currently use a type II to III adapter from Sycard Technology (
The particular model is a PCCextend50. Approx. $50.00 US.

Schneider is supposedly developing a USB to MB+ adapter and has been rumored to be released this summer.

Tim Wehri
Thanks very much for your response, the PCMCIA adapter is already well known (we ordered and use three of them), but honestly spoken it is not really feasible, weak plastic construction and much too expensive when considering that this is a simple extension module.

Referring that rumors for an USB MB+ adapter - they (our Schneider sales guys) keep telling us now since more than one year that a new adapter is foreseen, but I need to know when it will be available.
The USB/MB+ adapter (part number TSXCUSBMBP) is now available and has a new driver that is fully compatible with the MBX driver used in the other (PCI, PCMCIA, etc.) adapters.

Some of the devices in the distributor pipline will still have the old driver, so you should check to see if it is earlier than 6.0.0 + Update 20070615. If so, you should contact Schneider about getting a free upgrade. You can also contact Cyberlogic at [email protected].