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Bill Townsley

I have an application where I need to install a large digital readout that needs to be visible from about 20 feet and is in direct sunlight. It also needs to be Class I Division 2 rated. The application is for a bulk fuel terminal loading rack. The display is to be used to give the truck driver some feedback as to how much fuel he has loaded. The input signal is a pulse that
is retransmitted from a turbine. I will also need a reset signal to reset the counter back to zero.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


David Westbrook

I've found most display manufacturers aren't interested in placing a custom unit in a hazardous environment due to liability concerns. The one or two I found willing to quote left all the installation and fitting work (hangers, thru-holes and bulkheads for air and electrical),
to be done on site by the customer. You may want to consider using a standard LED display mounted inside a standard, explosion-proof or purged window-enclosure. This will probably be cheaper than a custom unit, and will keep your lines of support clean as well.

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Tim O'Reardon

A manufacturer called Siebert makes large numerical displays up 30cm high and 6 character in length. Can be supplied with a counter input
and comes with several other inputs to reset display to zero, preset the display to another value or make it flash.

We have used Siebert displays for large operator displays and they work well. (Not used the counter type, but the manual we have seems to
indicate that the counter type cover all that you required).

Can be supplied with IP65 rated housing.

Website is "":

It has all the contact details for many countries.

Hope this helps::

Tim O'Reardon
Controls Engineer
Luton, UK