Lateral control for autonomous vehicles on MATLAB

what is the problem ?

  • The data transfer from script to simulink isn't right and is giving insufficient data

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  • The speed profile that i chose is not compatible with the path tracking

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I am working on a control system for autonomous vehicles, i am using a kinematic bicycle model simulated on matlab simulink and the formula i used for the steering angle is given in the figures below along with the code and my simulink model:
    x=roadCenters(  :,1);
                y=roadCenters(  :,2);

    % Your data
    t = 1:size(x)
     % Fit a third-degree polynomial to the x-coordinates
    px = polyfit(t, x, 3);

       % Fit a third-degree polynomial to the y-coordinates
    py = polyfit(t, y, 3);

       % Find the first derivative of x(t) and y(t)
       dx = polyder(px);
       dy = polyder(py);

       % Find the second derivative of x(t) and y(t)
       d2x = polyder(dx);
       d2y = polyder(dy);

      % Calculate the curvature
      k = abs(polyval(dx, t).*polyval(d2y, t) - polyval(dy, t).*polyval(d2x, t)) ./ (polyval(dx,
      t).^2 + polyval(dy, t).^2).^(3/2);

      % the steering angle

      % moving d to simulink
   t = (0:length(d)-1)'; % Create a time vector
   D= timeseries(d, t); % Create a timeseries object
Result :

Speed profile reference :