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I've placed a button and had it Open a screen, And I would like this screen to display a specific URL. I have played with the ActiveX object Microsoft Web Explorer but the configuration doens't seem to present me with too many options. I have tried using the StartApp command directed to IE but once again the App didn't launch when the screen was opened. If anybody has got this going I would really dig some advice. Thanx Folks.
I have had success with the Active Web Browser in windows to display a web camera from within a WW window. For example, create a new page ("WEB PAGE", for example) and have your button that you created show the window "WEB PAGE". On the window "WEB PAGE", drop in the web control and give it a name ("Explorer1"). For the window "WEB PAGE" on show window script, have a line like...
#Explorer1.Navigate( WEB);
where WEB is a memory message tagname who's value is the url you are trying to display. For us, it's the static IP address of the webcam.

The above example is just very basic, but it shows the web page, every time. The rest of the properties for the web page control can be used to make it as full featured as you would like. We chose to specifically not give any more options, as our MMI is not the operators play toy! I hope that this helped.

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