LC700 PLC & Genesis32


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William G. Go

Is anybody here familiar with the LC700 PLC of SMAR? cause i heard that they had all the flexibility of communication protocol like fieldbus, devicenet, ethernet, profibus (as far as i can go) now, i was just a litlle bit uncertain about their memory capacity only 30 Kb, could this type of memory can handle 10,000 pts or more if you use 10 or 12 of this cpu (1 cpu handles 1024 pts.)because they say, they had more advance firmware in their cpu thats they dont need such bigger memory like with the Contrologix of AB (having 660 Kb) 1. could anybody make an opinion about the firmware can do in handling I/O's 2. which is more open the controlnet protocol or the fieldbus protocol 3. please give me clue as to where i can find additional info about the said two protocol, their differences and the advantage it can give. william