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Abhas Abhinav

We are designing a small embedded control system and want to use a touch screen interface rather than a keypad interface.... Does anyone know of an add-on and cheap touch screen module (preferably serial controlled) that we can use with out existing LCD module...

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Alex Pavloff

What size are you looking for? We've used ELO and Microtouch for full-size VGA panels. Those are serial. For our smaller quarter-VGA displays, we actually used a grid based touchscreen to save money (all the user does is
punch buttons -- no need for a real mouse).

Abhas Abhinav

as i specified in my earlier post - we have a 240x64 pixel LCD - so i'd say that it's pretty small... our purpose is to use the touch screen for pushbuttons - not mouse work or things like that.... so even a grid based low resolution touch screen would do very well...

C. Ward Yelverton

Take a look at for a HMI using a Palm via serial port. I haven't tried this unit, but it looks good and we're investigating for a system presently under design.

__/ Ward Y \__
I'm actually looking for the same item (small touch screen dispay) for a system in research too. Does anyone have any suggestions of companies? I've checked out ELO, but their screens are relatively large. I'm looking for something about the size of a Palm Pilot.
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Suggest you go to eGalax web site, there are professional R&D and Touch Screen solution for worldwide client.