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Does any1 know whether there is a software to convert LCN ( Local control network) of Honeywell's TPS to HMI Web ( I mean HTML)
The display files in TPS are in *.DO (Object files) and *.DS (source files).

Any conversion would have to be done with the source files, or *.DS.

Honeywell had a hard time taking the *.DS to GUS picture files automatically. Manual involvement is required going to the GUS. It is unlikely that there is a utility that exists elsewhere.

We did a nice job of conversion using a product called PE Build to re-host LCN displays on the Web-based automationX for a major oil company. We converted the basic DS displays then added in the automationX process objects, like valves, motors, pumps, tanks etc. The objects require no configuration other than a tagname, so the graphics can be rebuilt & made alive quickly. We also added the changezone behaviour, which is part of the object configuration to duplicate the Honeywell look and feel.

The re-hosted displays then are viewed live via thin X-terminal, or WEB browser. Operators have no issue going from the navtive Honeywell displays or with mouse on the automationX WebHMI terminals. So there is no additional
training required. In fact they prefer the WebHMI displays for sharper resolution and faster update.

Paul Jager
u want to convert a .DO file to HTML? HTML is text based. or do u mean .JPG? then it sounds logical.
Thank you very much sir for your help but where can I get such software so that my department gets to know the functionality?

Your help will be higly grateful to me.

Thank you
Sir that site doesn't offer Demo version. But tell me one thing: after opening the displays in PE Build can we save them as in HTML format or you said we have to do it manually, but what is a software that converts it manually in HMI Web format?

Nomen Nescio

PE Build is a nice tool to edit and build *.DS files in Windows, but it doesn't make the conversion to HMIWeb format (*.htm) which is used by the Experion system.

There is a conversion tool which converts *.DS files to *.htm.

The *.DO file is the compiled version of the *.DS file, it is the so called "object file". You can't convert a *.DO file, convert the *.DS file instead.

The static part of the *.DS files is nicely converted by the tool, the "scripting" part needs manual work.

Nomen Nescio
Could you please let me know what tool you are referring to covert .ds to .htm? where can I get it, price and/or trial version?