Leaky valve detection?


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This is really more of an operational question, not control, but I have noticed a lot of experience on this board.

We recently changed molecular Sieve driers (dessicant) and the performance is giving us some concern. I'm looking for a reliable and easy to use device to detect possibly leaky valves in the regeneration train.

What have you used to simply determine whether or not a valve is holding? I have been looking at some ultrasonic gear, but have no experience with any of it. No offense to any salespeople, but I would like to know what users have found to be reliable and easy to use. Also relatively inexpensive.

We have historian data, but as of yet, nobody has been able to point to any group of data to troubleshoot what is really going on. Some believe that we have some valves that are not holding, and I need a fail proof way to say yes or no to that assertion (without shutting down the plant, and dismantling the valves).