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I'm new to DCS systems and I am searching desperately to find information about how to build, work, and maintain, these systems. ut mostly what I am looking to learn is the graphic building portion. I have a friend to is a contractor that builds the graphics that show real time animation for the systems in power plants. They use a program called Ovation. I want to find as much information as I can about how to do this from square one. I am a newbie, but I am very technologically inclined, and have been since childhood, building my first AM radio at 12 and writing software at 14. So I realize this may be a challenge, but I welcome it with open arms. So my question is: Where can I find information about how to build these graphics, what they do, and how they work? Does anyone know of some good books for someone with 0 experience? or maybe a avenue that I can take to learn this. I'm already a E.E. student at the University of North Texas, but they do not target this specifically, so I'm really thirsty for information. Can anyone help me?

Kapil Sharma

You need a graphics manual and Ovation system to get started.
First and foremost question is What kind of ovation system you have? second do you have system available to play with?
Which part of the country you are located at?

4P Consulting Inc.

I really appreciate your frankness, seriousness to learn as well. I feel that this is the first prerequisite to learn anything new. "willingness to learn"...

Now, coming to the query regarding the graphics - All the graphics software (Ovation, Intellution iFIX, cimplicity, Wonderware etc) are more or less work in the same or similar way. The graphics building is very easy with any of these software - drag & drop objects from library & have connect them in a logical way & to provide linkages to represent any physical variables.

Since you are a newbie, i would recommend you to do the following:

1. Learn a few basics of Instrumentation & Control Systems (just to understand & appreciate how a industrial plant / control system works)

2. Go to google & type intellution iFIX / Cimplicity / wonderware trial versions, & try to download any of the packages. They generally work for 2 hours in demo version. Or you can contact any Rockwell / Siemens / GE office & let them know that you are looking for a demo version & tell them that you are a student. They will provide you a CD free of cost. You go to the websites & register your name & address.

3. along with the software, you will also get some manuals to go through or a few sample programs to load from the internet...

This way you can learn the basics of graphics... However, there is much to this...

Securities configuration, making the software to talk to the external hardware to represent the data on to the computer, administration part, alarms & events configuration, historical trending configuration etc...

"a good beginning is half done"... so, good luck!