Leeds and Northrup/Honeywell controller schematics


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David Tiefenbrunn

I am not sure if I have found the right place to look, but I am trying to find out about an older leeds and northrup PID controller and a few
honeywell temperature controllers.

I am an electronics engineer, and I build things that could benefit from these devices, but have had little luck finding schematics or even hook up

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R A Peterson

I suggest you check their respective web sites or contact their tech supprt people. They will be able to get you manuals for just about anything they have ever made. You may have to pay for them if they are not on their web sites.


L&N has been merged into Foxboro, IIRC - www.foxboro.com

Brian Wandling, Control Specialists, Inc

Sometimes that is the problem with info received on the list. L & N was bought by Honeywell in 96/97, not Foxboro. At least the controllers, recorders, drive units and analytical instrumentation. hw iac tac # 1-800-423-9883.

David Tiefenbrunn

Here are the units I am looking for information on:

Leeds and Northrup Electromax Controller 3483

Cat. No. 6001-021-1-101 Serial No. 83-49028-1-3

Honeywell Dialapak:

AV501AB112 0-2400 degrees F, K type TC with 1 set point.
AV551AB607 100-1100 degrees F, type J TC with 1 set point, non- indicating.
AV301C?140 ?=Unreadable letter- 0-3000 degrees F, S type TC with 2 set points.
AV511AB102 0-200 degrees F, J type TC with 1 set point.

I have sent e-mail to the companies mentioned in the other replies to my post. So far, nothing from Honewell, foxboro gave me L&N info that I have to check into.

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Bob Huntsinger

Minor correction. Foxboro bought the power SCADA group of L&N, but Honeywell bought the Instruments (controllers/recorders/analyzers) group.

Bob Bruzina - Jay Industrial Tech

Sir, L&N E-Max Controller Cat. No. 6001-021-1-101 Sorry, I don't have any information on this unit. I would suggest contacting Honeywell @ 800/ 343-0228 and request a breakdown of the Model Number to see if you can use it. Honeywell Dialapak: AV501AB112 Indicating Hi-Limit Overtemperature Control Manual Reset (on Increasing Temp) 0-2400 degrees F, K T/C AV551AB607 Non-Indicating Hi-Limit Overtemperature Control Manual Reset (on Increasing Temp) Automatic Reset on Power-Up Not sure of the Input and Range (the "607" of the Model Number is Special) AV301C?140 Indicating On-Off Controller 0-3,000 F, S T/C Second Setpoint Process Variable Alarm The unknown letter is most commonly a "B" to indicate: Mechanical Relay Output Upscale Burnout (for T/C Failure) no Remote Setpoint capability AV511AB102 Non-Indicating Hi-Limit OverTemperature Control Manual Reset (on Increasing Temp) 0-600 degrees F, J T/C If you can advise a mailing address, I can copy off some of my old documentation for you. Regards, Bob Bruzina - Webmaster Jay Industrial Technologies Group Cincinnati, OH www.JITG.com
Here are the units I am looking for information on: Leeds and Northrup Electromax Controller 3483 Electromax 6014-3 (there are more numbers, will send if you think you can still find the line). Thank you [email protected]