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Yuzna, Ray

I am having trouble setting up this system. Contents of a tank are to be monitored for an upper limit and a lower limit. In the event of an
inspection(tank completely empty), the flow counter is to be set to 0 to compensate for the flow sensors' inaccuracy. The relevant indicator flashes when the tank contents exceed the upper limit value(30) or drop below the lower limiting value(10). I hope someone will be able to give me a hand thanks for your time.
Mr. Ray,
It is better to use Ultrasonic level sensor for setting up both High and Low measurement. Also, continuous indication you can get. I suggest that you use Micromotion for measuring and counting the flow. It will detect the empty pipe in case the tank becomes empty. The Ultrasonic flow transmitter will do the job also. If the instruments are existing in the plant, you need to provide a sensor to detect the empty tank and inhibit the counting.