Level measurement for fluid bed granulation


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Leon Heijnen

Can anybody give me advice on, or does anyone have practical experience with the application of a ultrasonic level transmitter in a fluid bed granulator ? Problems are, among others, a very dusty environment above the fluid bed, a very swinging, shaky and disturbed level of granules.
Is this measuring principle suitable ?

I think all fluid beds, no matter what the end process is, operate under the similar principals. The moving jet air, wave motion of particles, filters, outlet air, light explosions, room to clean, fine particles in the mix and heat are a few of the problems needed to select a level control. Maybe you have a storage tank that free flows – thus level is needed.

I have never seen a level control used in this process. A few high-end ultrasonic manufacturers are building systems that – it seems dust on the lens is not an issue. An external radio active system can be mounted on the outside – it looks thru the tank to another sensor on the other side for point level. Or – we can offer have a rotating paddle type that can bolt on – one of the inspection plates - but once again – point level only.

Bob Hogg www.almegcontrols.com
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Ultrasonic Level Measurement is very good equipment for the solid measurement also, NOw a days ultrasonic measurements are available with ignoring the false signals , so you can configure according to your applications. I don't thing there could be any problem, because i have used it in Agitator application also.


Devang Shah