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Dear sir,

I'm a student at Technical Univerity of computers from Romania and i would like to do a project (level measurement with a ultrasonic transducer), can you help me in this problem. Can you send me a little project or something else about this?

Thank you very much and sorry for my english!
Dear Student,

You can surely do the project of level detection via ultrasonic level transmitter.

First you would have to buy or arrange some container and then you could install any of the level detector, one I worked for is Fisher Rosemount. It has two levels. Upper and lower and both trigger relays. You get a 24V DC digital signal on reaching any of the level. You should also right that how would you like to use these signals.

Imran Shabbir

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Ranjan Acharya

Question from Botis Sebastian Andrei <[email protected]7.utcluj.ro> regarding
measurement of tank levels with ultrasonic sensors.

Try looking up old copies of "Control" from Putman Publications. They have a little section at the end of each issue with problems such as this that may have covered your problem. I am not sure if the magazine is available on-line.

Be careful with ultrasonics. Spurious measurements are a problem e.g., thermal interference from air currents / convection currents (I even heard that they can be sensitive to wind, but I have never seen it). For example,
measuring the level of a tank of hot liquid may give problems on your analogue read-out as the liquid gives off heat and steam. Also ultrasonics
are a little messy when you have dissimilar materials. For example, with solids, a metal nail in a wooden pallet will can you a different measurement than the pallet. Finally, hysteresis introduced by agitation (changing level) is not nice either.


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