Level Switch Selection for Solid to Avoid Chute Jamming


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The Cone-crusher discharge hopper chute is getting jammed due to the wet material.

Please suggest me the best level switch which we can fix in the hopper to avoid material Jam. Hopper diameter is 3 meters.

Crusher material discharge has covered almost all 3 meter diameter meter of hopper.

What kind of "solid" is being run through the Cone-crusher? There are different switches which work better for different materials.

Is the cone-crusher producing material of the proper size?

Is the process which uses the output of the cone-crusher subject to frequent starts and stops? Is the process which receives the output from the cone-crusher working properly?

Is the cone-crusher output flow-rate higher than normal?

Did this problem of choking of the outlet of the cone-crusher just start, or has it been occurring for some time? If it just started, was there some work done recently on the cone-crusher or the process which receives the output of the cone-crusher that is causing the choking?

What have you done to try to prevent the discharge of the cone-crusher from getting choked? What were the results of the efforts?

If the outlet of the cone-crusher clears by cycling the cone crusher without any other intervention, what will the limit switch do--cycle the cone-crusher to prevent choking?

How will you adjust the limit switch to prevent choking while maintaining proper output flow-rate so as not to disrupt downstream operations?

How is the outlet of the cone-crusher cleared now when it gets choked?

Because, you have given us extremely little information on which to base any recommendation, and it's possible that using a limit switch is not the proper solution and could cause other knock-on problems.

We need more information to be able to provide any useful information.

This is what engineers do to solve problems--and when they ask questions, they provide as much information as possible about the situation so as to get concise and relevant replies.