Level Transmitter Reading Fluctuating.

Hi Team,
Thank you so much for accepting me and am more than happy to share.
I have a one question which anyone might provide/suggest a clue for me to solve the issue.
Currently, one of the level transmitters is having issue with Level indication. The level reading is fluctuating between 0 to 23% when the chamber level is empty. It should read Zero when empty, but it did not. Any suggestion for me to solve the issue.
Manufacturer/Type: Endress Hauser
Model: FMR67
Hello Andy,

Please provide the following:

1. Medium inside the chamber that your transmitter is measuring.
2. Any error message?
3. Was the transmitter working before?
4. If it was working prior to seeing this value, have you tried running diagnostics?
5. Does this transmitter have advanced diagnostics capable of auto-cleaning?
If your level transmitter readings fluctuate, check for obstructions, calibration errors, or environmental factors. Ensure proper installation and maintenance to guarantee accurate and reliable level measurements for optimal performance and efficiency.