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I've been looking for an Ethernet SCADA Radio that will work in the 928 to 932 Licensed FCC frequencies (5-watt). We own 11 of these frequencies and currently use them with an 15 year old serial radio/RTU (1100 ea) system.

We just upgraded the top-end SCADA Server/WAN and are now poised to add more capabilities that require more data and faster bandwidth. Currently use serial MDS 9710 radios at 9600. RTUs already equipped w/Ethernet Port. Anybody heard of an Ethernet Radio as described above?
I have experience with the GE/MDS SD9, and it does exactly what you are asking for. IP over licensed 900Mhz band. A very well-made piece of equipment.

I also have experience with Calamp's Viper-900, but frankly I found it to be very buggy and unreliable.

I'd go with the GE/MDS SD9.

John D Quandt

I am the regional sales manager for GE MDS and we do have the SD9 available that is an ideal fit for the application and is backwards compatible with your 97xx system so you have option to upgrade 1 or more units at a time or wholesale change out. Please give me a call and I will be happy to assist you with any other questions you may have

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