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Harald Albrecht

This is surely one for Curt:

From the preface of the OPC Foundation's specifications:

"User shall not export or re-export thze OPC Materials or any product produced directly by the use thereof to any person or destination that
is not authorized to receive them under the export control laws and regulations of the United States."

So much for the much-tooted "open interface".

Especially in face of Alan Cox' deep irony about access control rights issues in the Linux kernel covered by the DMCA, Prof. Felten, and the eBook case this seems to be slowly becomming deadly serious.


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Curt Wuollet

Hi Harald

I, for one am not very much dissillusioned. Actually, given the circumstances, I think we should export as much of this and other MS technology as possible to those on that list. There is nothing we can do that would cause as much misery and confusion and destroy their security apparatus faster than to have them dependent on this pile of fly blown, runny, cow flop.

These export rules aren't a technology issue, God knows even third world countries have better technology than this. Instead it is a moral imperative that even as we are experiencing bioterrorism in our capital, we will not resort to exporting bugs, worms and virii to unfriendly powers. And shipping bovine excrement might further the spread of the "hoof in mouth" disease pandemic in Redmond WA.

Not until we see a credible risk of cyberterrorism will we unleash these and the other terror weapons in our arsenal. Rumor has it that deep beneath the Redmond campus there are stores of the dreaded Bob and Clippy. These can be released amid acrid and deadly clouds of
vaporware on a moments notice.

We had hopes that the super secret .NET would render the Internet useless for this and any other purpose, but it appears this has been delayed until MS headquarters can figure out where it is. Instead there had been a war expedient emergency program to ship the insidious WXP nerve agent before anyone understands how horrible it really is and develops countermeasures. Testing on penguins is going on at a frantic pace to counter this threat.



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