Lift Oil Pump in GE Frame 9 Gas Turbine


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I am a young Operator, wishing to know where is the suction of the lift oil pump located in the lubricating tank.

It is not shown in the P&ID lubricating oil diagram. I will be very happy for for your reply.


You'll probably find the suction of the lift oil pump is pressurized by either the L.O. bearing header OR the discharge of the Auxiliary L.O. Pump(s) (a GE-design Frame 9E heavy duty gas turbine usually has one Auxiliary L.O. Pump, while a GE-design Frame 9F/FA heavy duty gas turbine usually has two Auxiliary L.O. Pumps).

This is most likely because the lift oil pump won't usually be running unless the Aux. L.O. Pump is also running (or at least it shouldn't be under normal circumstances).

Hope this helps! If you could be more specific about the type of GE-design Frame 9 heavy duty gas turbine in future posts (class/model series (E or F/FA), type(s) of fuel burned, type of combustion system, type of generator (air-cooled or hydrogen-cooled) it would be very helpful.