Light Duty Linear Actuator


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I need a light duty linear actuator with 6" to 12" of throw and variable speed. It will carry almost no load. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Utilize a timing belt with parallel slides for
the guide, a brother Gearmotor and a Delta VFD
for the most cost effective approach, depending upon the accuracy needed you may use the peak
and valley of the pulley with a prox switch, +
a prox switch at each end of stroke to deignate home position. PLC recommended MITSUBISHI FX2N
may be located at
gearmotors at

Istvan Ulvros

Suggestion for light load and high speed.
The LinMot-P drive, an electromagnetic direct linear motor with integrated position sensing and bearings. Complete servo axis with "no mechanics"-simple and longlife.
Special properties are the extremely high dynamic characteristics which we use in applications like fast flying knife cutting:

acceleration >200 m/s2
continuous stroking frequency >5 Hz
short-time stroking frequency >20 Hz