Lightning on the Gridline


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Normally during the storm when a lightning falls on the gridline (132kv) what electrical protection is actuated in the generator?
Raul, protection is provided by installation of surge arresters on the gen'r side of the grid-xfmr!

Typically, one set is located at the LV-terminals of the Grid-Xfmr, and a second set of special (expressly for machine-protection) at or nearer to the generator(s) terminals!

If connection between Xfmr and Gen'r is via cable, the length of line is critical. Also important is whether or not it is a single-machine or multiple machines!

BTW, modern Arresters have the ability to disconnect upon detection of its failure to recover from severe over-voltage; whether from a lightning-strikes to the grid, or network switching-transients!

Phil Corso