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Can any one till me about inst in the fields
such as micromotion density transmitters, and how it can be protected from lightning strikes. We had to replace the hall unit when the internal cards found to be defected, we have almost daily rain with a heavy lightning .

a PLC Programmer

Do Following

A) Protect Over all area by Lightening Earthing system

B)protect Yours system by Using Proper Surge Arrester. Surge arrester are available for Power , Control and Communication system


A Plc Programmer
If you are looking for mission critical lightning protection for 120 VAC applications. Check out the Theon by Vortex Technologies, Inc. It not only protects hot and neutral, but provides ground transient protection also.


george ishmael

hafa adai from guam

my friend on my island of guam we have tons of rain and tons of lightning.

use isolation transformers for your isolation to power source.

when you isolate physically power source and load whoop there it is. better than mov's

george ishmael