Line monitoring in Triconex TMR PLC

Triconex has two active platforms. The Tricon (Chassis) and the Trident (baseplates). The Tricon has been offering Supervised DO modules for many many years. There are 3 different SDO flavors available in different voltage levels. There is a current monitor (cannot be used for non-incendive circuits), a voltage monitor, and a point selectable supervised module. The Digital Inputs are line monitored by using an AI module and a resistor network. This is a requirement for Fire and Gas, which Triconex has hundreds of installations. The Trident will have an SDO in 2009, but for now there is an MTL solution available which uses a standard DO.

Sivakumar Gopalan

Does Triconex have a supervised DI module in its kitty?
Is that the reason for putting a resistor network for digital inputs?
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